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It is my pleasure to introduce our products and services to you and hope that our products
will be able to facilitate your requirements and prove useful to your application.
I hope that you could give us the opportunity to offer our products and services and hereby looking forward in building up a good corporate relationship with your organization
Since 1998 when we started out as ALLY ENTERPRISES and Marketing we have been offering solutions for industrial automation needs to our customers. We have over 33 years of solid industry knowledge. We constantly provide good technical support for our existing customers and have always pride ourselves as your partner in automation. 
Attached please find herewith a list of items & manufactures which we can supply and we are sure that these items are of interest to you.
We feel that there is a substantial business opportunity hence we wish to get registered our company with your esteemed organization for supply of various items as attached list.
We would be please to receive your valued inquires by Email as well as by as by mail.

Products Range:

  1. Acid Dry Base Batteries
  2. Convex Mirrors
  3. Chlorine dosing system's
  4. Cooking Range
  5. DO Meter Thermo Fisher Scientific Singapore
  6. Dosing pumps
  7. Electric geyser
  8. Encoder
  9. Flexible Silicon Hose
  10. Float less Control Level
  11. Fuses
  12. Gas Spring
  13. Insect Killersl-CriCri307E
  14. Master Paint
  15. Motor frequency inverter
  16. Multi meter
  17. level Sensors
  18. Load Cell
  19. Orient Electric water dispenser for Water OWD-529
  20. PH-Meter
  21. Plastic Flexible Pipes
  22. Pac Drive
  23. Pneumatic hydraulic solenoid & gate valve
  24. Rittal Filter fan
  25. Power Supply
  26. Pressure switch, Pressure control
  27. Sensors
  28. Solenoid Valve
  29. Speaker, amplifier with Installation
  30. SS Armored flexible pipe
  31. Safety Limit switches
  32. Simodrive Module With Filter
  33. Temperature Controller
  34. UPS for Backup
So many others products.